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Lessons on Prayer from the Heart of Jesus with Prayer Journal (2 book set)
Cost $11
A 10-week in-depth study of Matthew 6:5-18, focusing on what we commonly refer to as the “Lord’s Prayer.” Each lesson includes Prayer Journal activities, teaching women how to incorporate a prayer journal into their regular devotional time.


The Gospel of John (2 book set)
Cost $16
A 22-week in-depth study of the Gospel of John, separated into two books. The first book is an 8-week study of John chapters 1-7; the second is a 14-week study of John chapters 8-21. John portrays Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as a tender, loving Savior by Whom came grace and truth. Each lesson covers one chapter in the Gospel of John.


The Glorious Truths of Romans Eight
Cost $8
An 8-week in-depth study of the transforming truths in Romans chapter 8. Freedom, blessings, hope: the promises and victory are ours! His love is the foundation in our lives forever.

God’s Hall of Faith: A Study of Hebrews
Cost $8
An 11-week in-depth study of Hebrews Chapter 11. The chapter is devoted to faith and to a summary of the lives of great men and women of the Old Testament whose lives were a testimony of faith.

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