Come join us Friday nights at the Shops at Legacy to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! – 7:30p.m.


To communicate as Christ’s ambassadors a personal, passionate plea to unbelievers to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ (2 Cor 5:20); demolishing arguments and pretensions against the knowledge of God (2 Cor 10:5), so the Word of God can be heard with clarity and relevance.


Walk the streets of DFW to meet people where they are at, physically and spiritually, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matt 22:10); no longer expecting them to come to us to hear the Good News or assume they’ve already heard it before.  The Holy Spirit directs these Divine appointments, preparing the hearts and minds of those we are to speak with (Acts 16:14).  We ask penetrating questions to draw out the person’s beliefs regarding: God, Jesus, sin, salvation, heaven/hell, and other deeply held convictions that form their worldview (Matt 16:15, 22:42).  We reason with the person, from a Biblical perspective, regarding their worldview; explaining in a loving way why Jesus is the Only way to God and the dangers of holding false beliefs about God (Acts 17:17).  We provide direction on how to receive the Lord Jesus into one’s heart if they desire and direct them to Calvary Chapel as a wonderful place to hear God’s Word preached and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19)

You must have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior prior to serving in this ministry.  You must have a heart to preach the Gospel to the lost and dying of this world.  You must believe and adhere to the basic tenets of Classical Christianity – as outlined in the Street Team Ministry Statement of Faith (on file with the office).  The Statement of Faith must be read and returned signed to serve in this ministry.


Next Steps
Interested?  Fill out a servant application form with the CCP office and check Evangelism or, you may contact the leader of this ministry, Brian Wofford – [email protected], to set up a meeting regarding further details.